Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I feel good...

Finally! After over a month over torture from the breast surgery and that long ass recovery.  It was a lot more painful than I anticipated.  I had some fluid accumulation under my left breast and it really knotted up and was quite sore.  I just seemed to have problems with that breast surgeon said because it was the one with the cancer and the side the lymph nodes were taken out so it hit more nerves I guess.   I am glad that all is well with the size and all and that turned out well.  The left is larger they leave the side that will be radiated larger because it will shrink down so hopefully they will be down to the same size when I'm all done.  For the last week I had my power port put in and boy was that some kind of painful.

I went for my Chemo training, and to check out my new Chemo digs where I will be staying for my treatments today. I'm doing the TAC 21dayx6. I decided against the trial. I just felt I didn't want to not risk not getting the Adriamcyin.  I feel bad about not doing the trial but I just felt it was the best chance for me I want knock this cancer out of my body once and for all.   I also decided to do my treatment at Wooster because its a few miles up the road and its convienent. I loved the oncologist in Cleveland better but I just outweighed the getting sick and ride in car and it was a no brainier. Plus this Dr. was for sure giving me the neupogen shot the next day my infusion it's to stimulate the white blood count so hopefully I won't bottom out and be completely depleted. 

I've just felt so miserable lately with weight gain, bloating the surgeon said could take 3 months to get rid of ugh.  I can't imagine what I will look like with no hair too. But there isn't anything I can do about it. I see other women going in and out of there same situation and they are doing it too.  I think I really have to watch not to fall into a pit of depression, I've already got enough on my plate I sure don't need that shit on there too.  

I hope I can get back to blogging I think it does mark me feel better.  
Tata for now had to throw it in there a portion of proceeds go to cancer research every bit helps!


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