Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chemo Rock Star 1 down... 5 to go

Today I packed my little pink bag full of ice and Popsicles. Yes Popsicles. I sucked on them through out my first infusion the Adriamycin the toughest of all 3. My gal pal Betsy gave me a pointer to try this hoping I will avoid the dreaded mouth sores, and thrush. I thought what the heck I am definitely going to try this! What is there to lose? I seen my auntie Shirley go through the mouth sores and I want to avoid this if I can at all cost! But if I do get them it's just another crappy thing I will have to endure. As you sit there for hours thinking about poison going through your body trying to make sure you live a long healthy life is just unreal. I can't even imagine what my blood cells are even thinking right now, I know they are fighting like hell in there because I am already having bouts of queasiness off and on. It's bearable, I've been sucking on my candies like crazy. My mouth is dry tonight. My eyes are starting to feel a little itchy, My ice tea that I love taste funny and I can't hardly stomach to drink it. Alan sent Courtney to the store to get me some things like gateraid, visine eye drops. I started taking steroids and it jumped my sugar to 366, it absolutely terrified me. The Dr. said it was normal it to be high during the 4 days of treatment of the steroids. I hope they don't rocket that high into the sky. Today my support people were Alan and Courtney. Alan rubbed my feet almost the time, it was nice having them both with me. We watched a old Jimmy Stewart movie on turner classics channel. It was funny and comforting to have them both there. I love them both. Tomorrow I get my nuelasta shot that should be fun. I sure hope it's not going to be to bad.


  1. I listen to you Angie and wonder if i could be that strong. You are an inspiration to all us ladies and for that i thank you. My mother had breast cancer back in the 60's and went on to live a full and happy life and thats where youre heading! You should start to plan something special with your family to celebrate your 5 years clear. You rock!!! xxx