Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm the caregiver for once...

The Love Of My Life- Alan
Yep Alan is down for the count.  He's had this nagging kidney stone for like 7 years now off and on it's been bothering him.  So finally they decided to do the ultra sonic bat treatment.  I remember having this done before my stroke.  It was painful afterwards but tolerable.  

I woke up of course with a ton of swelling and pain, upset stomach, anxiety.  I knew there was no way I could make it to his surgery today.  I of course felt like a loser.  What kind of wife doesn't make it to their husbands surgery?   He gave me my meds and kissed me goodbye and said don't worry about it i'll be fine.  His mom was going to take him thankfully.  I'm so grateful I have such a wonderful, loving mother - in - law.  She kept me up to date and let me know it kept me at ease.  He called me when he got to recovery.  He sounded great!  I was like wow he's a beast!  He said he felt a bit of discomfort but he was fine and wanted to come home.

They stopped at DQ on the way home for a milkshake he was talkative and about 30 mins or so bam it hit him like a ton of bricks.  Of course they didn't send him home with no pain meds or prescription because he told them he was fine.  You NEVER EVER go home without any or a script because you never know when your wife is gonna need them! LOL  First he pops 2 tylenol, then waits for awhile.  I can tell he's getting more squirmy and it's not helping.  Then I tell him you should of taken one of my 600 ibuprofen's he said " I should of "  So he get's one of them before I know it.  Then his mom leaves to go get Madison from Lacrosse again Thankful!  Thankful Aunt Shirley she could take her and thankful mom could pick her up.  By this time I give him one of  my pain pills.  

Alan is doubled over in pain by now.  He's really scaring me by now.  I've never seen him like this in my life.  He's asked for another pain pill.  My husband who never ever takes pain medicine hardly a tylenol in his life.  I call his dr and they put a call in for him to call me back.  Eventually he calls back and I tell him he's in a lot of pain and he tells me he will call in a pain script and he will start to feel better soon.   Mom will pick it up on the way home with Madison.  Meanwhile Alan wants to take a bath so we get him in there.  I'm hoping and hoping this will do it.  I'm in my recliner watching him because I'm afraid of him falling asleep.  So what do I hear.....Snoring....I jump up and tell him it's time to get out of there and get in bed.  So now he is resting thankfully.  He wants up to of course watch the Laker game.  We will see about that. 

He does such a awesome job taking care of me that if something happens to him I just begin to freak out I can't imagine.  I never ever want him to be sick.  He's always been my rock.  I just love him to pieces.  He told me today that he will always love me no matter what.  I just feel so sorry for him.  Like good grief the man has already lost one wife to cancer, and now this wife has had a stroke that he never left my side, and now has breast cancer.  Really????   Come on now this wonderful guy deserves something special happen to him!

My thoughts now to turn to Grandma Lucy who has passed away at the young age of 92.  She was a woman with class and fire all rolled up into one.  I was telling Mom she is in a much better place now and she said yup probably playing cards with Ken now.  Amen.  Rest in Peace - Till we meet again- 

Lucy Sours RIP 4-17-13


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