Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 7 post op Cancer no more...

It feels good to say that!  That nasty tumor is out of my body!
I'm gradually gaining my strength back little by little each day. I knew a breast reduction was something but my it really knocks you off your feet.  Thank goodness for a loving husband, wonderful kids and family and pain killers.   The nurse stopped over today and said my wounds are healing very nicely and scabbing over. She was impressed with my drs job. He was ranked one of the nations best in redbook and some other magazine I forgot.  Plus I hear great things about him from the Cleveland clinic. He's very quiet though. Not used to that. But as long as they look great I'm not complaining.   They are a lot smaller but still swollen. The left one that had the cancer is larger. They leave it larger because it will be getting radiation and will shrink with that so hopefully they will even out over time. It also says it takes up to a year to get a final result.

I'm waiting on hearing back from my surgeon if I still need a masectomy.  I'm really hoping after all of this I will still will need one will be devastating but I will have to do what I have to do. They are waiting to see about the tissue surrounded the tumor?  Also they are waiting from the duct they took out of the right breast to see what the results are of that. I'm guessing I will find all of this out on April 16th I have my follow up appt with her. I also have a full day of apps with new drs I will be meeting my next phase- Oncology drs. I'm still not sure if I will be doing chemo or not. But I will be setting up my radiation and and getting that started.  I'm hoping I can do that down here at the CC here in Wooster. Since it's everyday for 5 weeks.

Another thing is I hate sleeping on my back. Ugh. I am a side sleeper. I'm going to look into investing in a breast pillow because I think I need it. My back is starting to ache. I love my new recliner but can't sleep in that either.  I've been resting a lot but I can't wait to get up and start living again.

Thank you Lord


  1. youre definately going in the right direction Angie. Keep up the excellent work, youre looking good!!!x

  2. Thank You Lesley and thank you for following me on my journey :)