Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Winner Winner...

Chicken Dinner!  Tonight was the Math 24 that Madison practices and practices for.  She came in 2nd place in all of the 5th graders.  I was so proud of her.   All of them did so well this year.  I know I sure couldn't do it.  Last year she came in 2nd place also.  This year she was first as well going into the final table of 3 and came out with a 2nd place.    She was pretty proud of herself as well.

Proud Momma 3/19/13
She gets her smarts from her daddy.  Thank goodness.  I mean I'm no dummy but I wasn't recruited by NASA either ( like Alan was ).  She's lucky that she's got such a smart daddy that's home every night to help with homework.  All the kids were.  He's always been good at that.  IF they would of just asked for that help.  Some of the kids were pretty stubborn, you know the attitude I can to do it on my own if they even did it.    I remember when the kids were smaller I was always the spelling helper and English/Reading helper until it got to be where they didn't want or need the help.  I hope Madison always stays this way with her love of school and learning.  She sure got her love of Math from her Dad, many days she would come right home and get to doing those math 24 cards last year.  That's her idea of fun.  She didn't need anyone to practice with you can hear her alone by herself doing it.  lol
Madison & Daddy 3/19/13

It was nice to have both grandmas there supporting her.  She needs that and I need to see that.  It's nice to look over and see my Mom there. For so long it seemed she wasn't there and now she is and I like that.

I'm still half sick from this cold I have.  I keep thinking I'm almost over it and then it starts raging again. I'm really starting to worry about it because I have to be in tip top shape to have my surgery on the 4th. Tomorrow we are going to go look for a comfy recliner and then after that I'm staying in till I'm well except for Cody's first Lacrosse game next Tuesday.  It's Breast Cancer Awareness game and it's in honor of me so I'll be there!  I live in such a wonderful community and even though I live as a hermit mostly there are some wonderful people that will do so much for you it's awesome!  I hope to give back when I'm cancer free.

That's what life is all about is enjoying life and giving back.  I've always wanted to make a difference but never knew how but I know how just got to figure out how to make it work.  My life always seemed so chaotic for all those years and just when you think it's going to start slowing down and you can take a deep breath you hit with something you didn't expect to happen to you in a million years.  Breast Cancer.  I'm going to fight this beast and pray it will be gone for good and then get back to enjoying the rest of my life with my family and give back.  It's all about giving back.  We all are given so much, yeah some of us getting a shitty plate handed to us in life, but we have to clean it off and look for the good stuff.  Right now I'm looking for the good stuff.  Not just the good stuff to put into my body but I'm going to look for the good stuff to fill my soul too.


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