Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Biopsy pictures...

This is a personal blog but I want it to be informative.  So I'm just going to lay it out there.  I had no idea what I really was to expect when I was going to have my breast biopsy.  All I knew was what everyone probably does. Go to the internet.  Everyone out there has their own version of what it was like.  It didn't hurt at all, or it was the most excruciating thing they have ever been through.  Well my gosh after gone through a stroke I already know what real pain is, and my husband once stepped on a tack and he always reminds me of this his terrible pain he had to endure.  Could it really be this bad?  I didn't want to lead onto how scared I was but I was pretty damn scared.  The tack I could take but the other real pain I didn't want to ever go through ever ever again.

A lot of the women talk about the "noise" like a staple gun going off.  This confused me at first.  I couldn't understand why a needle would make any noise.   Then the more I read about it I wasn't having a needle biopsy I was having a core needle breast biopsy guided by ultrasound.  Anyhoo- 

I got to the Breast Center and met Dr. Hammond which she told me I was way to young to be having this done which she is right.  42 is to young to be dealing with breast cancer.  I always thought that was a old ladies disease.  I never said old ladies disease but you know women in their upper 60's, 70's.  I thought the same thing of my stroke who's supposed to be 35 having a stroke and learning how to walk again??  I guess God just thinks i'm special or something.  

Dr. Hammond and the nurse was very kind.  She explained to me and showed me everything that was going to happened.  She showed me how the "staple gun" worked and sounded.  It is VERY loud, I was quite jolted by the sound.  She told me they were going to take 3 samples of the mass and we would be done.  

My mass was so deep she did have a hard time getting to it and since it was pretty small I suppose getting a hold of it.  They had to really stretch my skin and make it taut.  Then she told me when she was going to do it.  The first time I heard it, felt like someone shooting a gun in there.  But it was over quickly.  She asks if your ok and if you want to take a break and I said no let's just get it done and over with.  It's not the most excruciating pain.  Sure it's not comfortable.  But hey your not in a spa your in there to see if you have breast cancer.  We did the procedure 2 more times and we were done.   She did say the leave little metal rings in the mass of where they took out the sample.  She did also say it wouldn't go off in a airport security or any metal detectors.  They leave them in there so they know where they have biopsied it so in case it needs to be done again they know where it has been done.

They clean you up, bandage you up, and give you instructions on what to look for.  Swelling, bleeding, pus, to much redness, hot to touch, feverish, etc.  

This is my incision after 2 weeks.  It was still red, but was starting to feel better.  I was never running a fever, and no infection.  

Then they give you a little pamphlet with information, on what to look for how to take care of it.  The biopsy was a lot scarier just reading stuff on the internet than the actual procedure.  

Got my surgery date.  April 4th.  Moving right along.  I'm still hoping I made the right decision with a lumpectomy instead of a mammogram.  I'm going to pray about it.


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