Wednesday, March 6, 2013


That's all I've been doing all last night and all day today. I'm guessing it was my body telling me ok we can sleep now, we got some good news!  Or it's the nasty germs that has invaded our house and attacked all but Alan and Olivia.   I know it's attacked me because I literally feel like crapolla!

Poor Braylynn was over the other night and wasn't well. So I'm sure we have caught his strep throat and cold. Poor little thing, I still love kissing on him and wouldn't change that for anything. Kelsey passed around a video of him really walking today and him giggling.  He just melts my heart to pieces!  Could just eat him up!

I signed into my chart today and I already have my surgery date!  YES!  April 4th. The countdown is on. Bring it. That nasty cancer tumor will be out of my body!  YES!  The plan now is a lumpectomy with major overhaul ( reduction ) or if something drastically comes up then mastectomy.  Right now my biggest decision is to what size my new rack will be. Really it doesn't matter to me just having those ugly little demons out and not multiplying is good enough for me!

Cutting it short tonight since I'm a little under the weather, but wherever this may find you I only hope for good health and you find the love that everyone so richly deserves.

I also want to make a shout out to Valerie Harper- diagnosed with terminal brain cancer with 3 short months to live.  I love her saying she isn't going to think about dying think about living.  What a brave lady, we all wish to be so brave when we are faced with such adversity staring at us.  God Bless you Valerie. -


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