Sunday, March 10, 2013

My life in Pink...

it seems like I'm in love with the color pink.  Pink means something.  It means I'm fighting breast cancer.  Doesn't that seem silly?  Everywhere I look I see pink now. I wear pink.  I think pink.  I'm gonna fight wearing pink.  I bought a coat today it was pink, my shoe laces are pink, my make up I wear is mostly pink, my clothes I wear now will mostly have something to do about breast cancer and pink.  I feel if someone looks at me I want them to know yes I have breast cancer I'm not ashamed and yes we need to be aware of it.  We can't be scared of it.  Don't get me wrong I am scared though will I always be scared?  Will that ever go away?  Will these knots in my stomach go away that I keep trying to cover with food?

Today is a good day.  I got out of the house.  It was a beautiful sunny warm well warmer day 64!  Alan took me on a date!  We went to BW3's ok not really a date dinner but it was still out and we had some pretty good food.  Not cancer fighting food but it was yummy :)  We then walked to the movies and watched Safe Haven which I have been wanting to see.  Alan really wanted to see The Oz but nope not today.  The movie was touching didn't know it had to do with cancer but none the same it was nice.  I love Nicholas Sparks.  Last night we watched The Lucky One another Sparks movie which I loved.  2 chick flicks in row I think Alan is done with those for awhile.  But of course he didn't complain.

I seem to be just snapping pictures of myself on my phone.  I want my kids to have plenty of pictures of me.  I know I'm not dying now but one day I will be.  We all will be.  I hate it when I try to take pictures of my Mom or Aunt and they say oh stop that, knock it off.  I want something to look back on you know.  It means something.  I want something to show my grandkids, and they can show theirs and so on.  I love at the reunions sitting and looking at old pictures.  There just isn't enough.  So the last few years I've been taking pictures of the family get togethers.  I want so much for the reunions to continue and they have those pictures to look through.  

Just a couple pics of me being silly.

Being silly - pink lips
Pink Eyes - Pink Lips
February 19, 2013
Here is a picture of the day I found out I had Breast Cancer.  I look at this and I just see sadness.  I thought my world was ending.  I see darkness, I felt alone - even though I knew I wasn't, heartache, sickness to my stomach, there is so much more.  No fight in me that day.

Today I could smile, make silly faces, go to a movie, dinner, laugh.  
Tomorrow I'm not sure what will bring.


  1. keep on doing what your doing Angie. You are looking so pretty and the world is a great big place. Make sure you enjoy it to its fullest and stay just as you are!xxx

  2. Thank you so much Lesley. You are sweet and thanks for reading my blog. I didn't know if anyone was reading it lol but it's just a place for me to write my thoughts but i'm happy someone is reading it lol thanks so much!