Wednesday, March 27, 2013

MRI and MRA...

Today how fun. Since I had a stroke I had to get a new set of scans done to get the green light from my neurologist before my surgery NEXT week.  It wasn't near as bad this time, having a brain one you need to put this cage over your face so you can't move. This time they put a mirror on there so you could actually see the ladies and a clock. Which makes a world of difference for someone that is claustrophobic.  Plus I had a Valium in me a hour before.

I still haven't been sleeping the greatest, and I developed a jerking, twitching in my arms and legs. I looked it up and it's most likely from stress and you can say I do have a bit more stress in my life right now. It seems just as I am dosing off I will jerk and I'm back awake again.

I've also developed a rash on my arm that is spreading. I went to the dr on Monday and she gave me some cortisone cream but its not working. So back in I go tomorrow to get another look at it. I'm not sure what it could be from. I'm thinking it might be from my new recliner because they sprayed it with some protectant but I'm not sure. So now I'm sitting in my pretty new chair with a sheet on it just in case. I have to get this cleared up or I fear they will postpone my surgery and I don't want that to happen.

I've been drinking a ton of water lately. Well I discovered these koolaid liquids and you squirt some in.  No calories, and I'm weaning myself off of soda more and more. Plus this cherry koolaid takes me back I love it.  I still crave a cold diet Pepsi but not to much anymore.  I'm also been drinking green tea which hits the spot too especially on these cold Spring days.

Life seems to be passing us by. I still can't believe I have Breast Cancer and wonder when this will end. Alan said only till next Thursday and then I won't have it any more.   I hope he's right.  That's how aunt Shirley thought of it when she had her surgery the cancer was gone.  She said you have to think that way. I will feel much better when my Doctors tell me I'm cancer free.  I still will have to take that pill everyday for 5-10 years but if that's all I have to do that will be a drop in the bucket.  

I so hope in October I will be snorkeling in the warm waters of the Caribbean with my girls, Alan & Joyce.   With my new rack.

I worry about Alan he's been working so hard on the business trying so hard for it to succeed. Plus I know he worries about me. He really needs to take care of himself.  His blood pressure has been high lately and he has to get to the dr.  I worry about him but I am supposed to be worrying about myself.  I just can't imagine my life without him in it. He's my best friend and I was lucky to have found such a warm, caring man.


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