Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Good News!

For a change.  I went to meet with my surgeon.

 I didn't sleep a wink the night before.  I tossed and turned the whole night.  I watched and listened to Alan snooze away.  He would wake up off and on and see how I was.  He'd say "Come here baby" and our thing is I lay on his chest and he always rubs and scratches my head.  It's always been our thing.  I always have told him I want to die this way.  It's so comforting, so peaceful.   Off and on I did this all night.  I didn't sleep but thankfully Alan did.

Onto my good news!  We went in and met her assistant.  Is everyone at the Cleveland Clinic just the best?  I swear she was so nice and comforting too.  We then got to meet Dr. Dietz who I immediately felt that "connection".  She explained everything to me.  She told me my lump was the size of a peanut the actual size of a peanut inside the shell.  Like the tip of a fingernail.  It is in it's very early stages.  Thank goodness.  I already had my mind set from the get go of having a mastectomy.  So I proceeded to tell her this before she gave me her recommendation.  I wanted to tell her this without breaking down.  No such luck.  I told her I have already been though so much with my stroke and now this Breast Cancer.  I wished to just have a mastectomy.  She told me the facts.  My survival rate is pretty much the same high 90% with either a mastectomy or a lumpectomy.  She felt the best case for me was a lumpectomy with a breast reduction/lift was the way to go.  Of course all this could change if the lymph nodes come back positive ( which she is doubtful ) or the gene test comes back positive.  If either of these do come back we will do the mastectomy.  Or if I do change my mind and want the mastectomy she will honor my wishes.

We are hoping to get the surgery scheduled for the beginning of next month in 4 weeks!  The plan is the surgery.  Then recovery.  Then radiation.  I wont know if I need chemo until the look at the mass closely.  If I do then I do.  I will also be taking a pill for 5-10 years everyday.  It will immediately put me into menopause since my cancer is hormone driven.

I still need to meet  with a geneticist, a neurologist - since I had a stroke to get the green light, plastic surgeon - next Wednesday, someone else I can't remember right now.  The ball is moving :)  I will be cancer free sooner than later.

We do have a cruise scheduled for October that I'm still hoping on going on.  If I need Chemo I will need to postpone it because I will still doing treatment likely till the end of the year.

My cancer is looking at a Stage 1 as of right now until they tell us anything different so that is great news to anyone.

I often really look at people now a days.  The ones that stand there smoking.  I just hope they never have to hear that dreaded word cancer.  I don't want to my loved ones to hear those words you have cancer.  Please really stop and think about what you are putting in your body.  I didn't even put that in my body and I got cancer.  Why take the risk?  Is it really worth it?  I know I've month's ahead of me that are going to be painful, uncomfortable, worrisome.  I know I can do it.  I've had needles stuck into my brain that was excruciating.  I always said if I could get through that I could get through anything.  Well here's another challenge.  I'm up for it.  I'm feeling much better after today.  I feel like I can do it,  I feel like it's going to be A OKAY :)


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