Friday, March 1, 2013

Getting all my P's & Q's in order....Another Dr. visit

Thankfully it's not a cancer doctor just yet it's my wonderful eye doctor.  The past few month's my vision as been getting blurry to the point where I couldn't see my favorite reality tv shows and it was really starting to tick me off. LOL.   After my stroke, my vision did weaken by evening but it was always blurred but not to where my doctor and I felt it was bad enough to need glasses.  Since my diagnose I wanted to get in to the Dr. Perkins as soon as I could to get my eyes checked because I just didn't know when I'd be having surgery plus it was really bothering me of late.  I called a couple days after the my C Day as I will call it.  Cancer Day.  The day I got the news.  They told me he was booking into the end of May.  The end of May.  No way was I going to wait until the end of May, plus I knew that if Dr. Perkins knew it was me and that I just got the dreaded cancer news he would get me in.  The lady first told me there is no way I could get in any earlier.  Then I did it.  I used the Cancer Card.  YEP, YES I did it.  I said " LOOK HERE.  I JUST GOT DIAGNOSED WITH BREAST CANCER 2 DAYS AGO, AND I'VE GOT BLURRY VISION AND I'M WORRIED IT MIGHT HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THAT NOW GET ME A APPOINTMENT!"  How awful.  She said Mam, ( Me - a Mam I'm only 42 ) please hold.  She comes back on and get's me the next Friday which was today.

I love Dr. Perkins he's the kind of Dr. that you just love going to!  He's handsome, fun, always glad to see you and he always remembers you.  I like those kind.  Plus he's always happy with me that I always do well with my A1C which my last one was like 5.7 ( pats my back )  He comes in and asks how i'm doing and then I have to tell him.  Not so good.  ( I just went through the same talk with my hair dresser yesterday )  The look in their eyes of pity, sorry, plus how much more can this girl take!   First a Stroke....Now Breast Cancer??  He talks to me about it for a few mins and for once I don't break down.  I'm getting better at telling this I guess.   I can tell he truly cares about me.  I'm lucky in that way.  It seems like almost all my medical professionals in my life ( except for the ones that tried to kill me ) have been awesome!  I love it!  There are some truly wonderful doctors out there and some not so great ones too I guess.  Finally, the end of the story.  I get some kickin coach glasses pink of course that my husband said I look hot in lol.  Bifocals and a distance prescription all in one.  Not sure how that works but hey I'll take it!  I'll be able to read up close and watch my reality tv once again and not squint like June's Bingo face!

So now I just have to make a appointment with my dentist another one that I can't say enough about and the lady who cleans my teeth!  I also already got a appointment with my pain specialist to discuss a different way to treat my fibromyalgia since having anything done to my neck right now is out of the question because I've got bigger fish to fry as my Aunt Shirley says.

I also got to go out to eat with my favorite little guy today.  Braylynn which he got to meet Charlotte, Sandy, Gabe and Aunt Shirley.  Charlotte got me a beautiful card and a willow healing angel and I'll look at it daily and pray to her.  I sure need lots of healing.  I sure love Charlotte she means so much to me.  I always thought of her as a Godmother to me and still do.  I have some fond memories of her being so nice to me when I was little, and of course my Grandpa Strickling loved her to pieces and always told the story of the day I was born and the car chugging up the hill not sure if it was going to make it with Charlotte.

Wow where does the time go?   Don't we all wish we could just stop the clock and turn it back to a certain memory that just made you smile from ear to ear where we didn't have to worry about being sick, we just got up and had fun.  What memory would you turn to?  I'll have to think about it and write a entry one day of that one.  I know for sure it will be one that had no sickness and aches and pains!


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