Monday, March 11, 2013


The first bill has arrived today. Well that's what has been submitted to insurance.  How is that possible? I'm shocked.  Sick to my stomach.  I haven't even gotten to the surgery part.  This is the time I'm thankful I do have insurance even though it's pretty damn sucky as it is.  We have a 10k deductible yep that's right we have to pay a stinken 10 thousand dollars before our insurance will pay anything.  I can't wait to get a different insurance plan.  That's not even the outrageous cost we have to pay every month for insurance.  It's disgusting.  

Alan always says don't worry about it.  I do worry about it.  It's such a burden on him.  I feel like a burden now.  Just a big ole fat burden.  Gosh I don't even know if I'll be covered if anything ever happens to me again.  Since I had a stroke and now I have breast cancer.  I've probably reached my maxium coverage for a lifetime.  

I wanted so badly to get life insurance for myself.  So I wouldn't have to be a burden on my husband when I died.  So I could have all my arrangements made out so my husband and kids didn't have to do that.  I didn't qualify for that.  So i'm afraid they will have to.  

It's been a rainy day.  Dreary day.  I always say I'd rather it snow then rain.  Madison says we need the rain she likes it to rain and thunderstorm really hard.  Now I like that now that's my kind of rain.  Like God's telling us to get it together.  

Braylynn was over today and boy was he so much fun.  He makes us laugh!  He's growing up so big.  He just loves us so much.  He just wants to be loved on.  Tonight he got in his little walker and off he went. He was a explorer.  He makes us laugh, smile, giggle.  

Andrew stopped in he's doing so well.  I'm so proud of him.  He just got hired in finally and just making something of himself in his company.  He might not of went to college but he is doing something interesting it sounds like.  I'm sure his Mom is smiling down on him and is proud too.  

Not to much to talk about today i'm just kinda of hanging in there.  

I have a lot of appointments this week on Wednesday and Friday.


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